Data Science and (Unsupervised) Machine Learning with scikit-learn

By at Datacratic

Presented Dec 1, 2014 at Montreal Python

In [216]:
from IPython.display import YouTubeVideo
  • Proud to be a Montreal startup
  • Specializing in machine learning
  • Founded in 2009
  • 27 employees downtown (Peel Metro), 1 in Ottawa, 3 in NYC

This talk

  • A different way to look at graph analysis and visualization,
  • as an introduction to a few cool algorithms: Truncated SVD, K-Means and t-SNE
  • with a practical walkthrough using scikit-learn and friends numpy and bokeh,
  • and finishing off with some more general commentary on this approach to data analysis.


A map of Reddit

  • Reddit is "the front page of the internet"
  • Basically a discussion board, with sub-boards called subreddits
  • Figure from this paper: Navigating the massive world of reddit: Using backbone networks to map user interests in social media
  • Seems like a totally natural approach but I want to show another way of doing this

scikit-learn and friends

  • scikit-learn is becoming the de-facto machine learning library for Python
  • Works in conjunction with scipy and numpy
  • Part of the PyData toolbox, along with pandas and bokeh

A first look at the data

File comes from here:

In [177]:
head reddit_user_posting_behavior.csv

Formatting it a little bit...

In [178]:
import pandas as pd 

pd.read_csv("reddit_user_posting_behavior.csv", nrows=10, names=["user"]+range(25)).fillna("")
user 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
0 603 politics trees pics ...
1 604 Metal AskReddit tattoos redditguild WTF cocktails pics funny gaming ... trackers Minecraft gainit
2 605 politics IAmA AdviceAnimals movies smallbusiness Republican todayilearned AskReddit WTF ... atheism Jeep Music grandrapids videos yoga GetMotivated bestof ShitRedditSays
3 606 CrohnsDisease birthcontrol IAmA AdviceAnimals AskReddit Endo WTF TwoXChromosomes pics ... Cartalk aww
4 607 space Fitment cars Economics Libertarian 240sx UserCars AskReddit WTF ... Drifting Justrolledintotheshop atheism gadgets videos business gamernews Cartalk worldnews carporn
5 608 politics Flagstaff Rainmeter fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu pcgaming screenshots truegaming AdviceAnimals Guildwars2 ... SuggestALaptop battlefield3 WTF starcraft creepy pics funny darksouls books gaming
6 609 Clarinet AdviceAnimals festivals SubredditDrama InternetAMA AskReddit aves cringe MemesIRL ...
7 610 RedHotChiliPeppers fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu tifu civ gameofthrones IAmA AdviceAnimals movies explainlikeimfive ... skyrim WTF germany pics funny seduction circlebroke sto gaming 4chan
8 611 beertrade AskReddit WTF beer batman BBQ beerporn Homebrewing ...
9 612 politics 2012Elections Parenting IAmA fresno picrequests AskReddit loseit WTF ... RedditLaqueristas atheism LadyBoners GradSchool

10 rows × 26 columns

Loading the data into a sparse matrix

  • We want a matrix: rows are subreddits, columns are users
    • cells will be 1 if user posted to subreddit, otherwise 0
  • This step was the most technically challenging
  • Naïve first few tries: 20 minute run-time
  • The code below runs around 10 seconds
In [179]:
user_ids = []
subreddit_ids = []
subreddit_to_id = {}
with open("reddit_user_posting_behavior.csv", 'r') as f:
    for line in f:
        for sr in line.rstrip().split(",")[1:]: 
            if sr not in subreddit_to_id: 
                subreddit_to_id[sr] = len(subreddit_to_id)
import numpy as np
from scipy.sparse import csr_matrix 

rows = np.array(subreddit_ids)
cols = np.array(user_ids)
data = np.ones((len(user_ids),))
num_rows = len(subreddit_to_id)
num_cols = i

# the code above exists to feed this call
adj = csr_matrix( (data,(rows,cols)), shape=(num_rows, num_cols) )
print adj.shape
print ""

# now we have our matrix, so let's gather up a bit of info about it
users_per_subreddit = adj.sum(axis=1).A1
subreddits = range(len(subreddit_to_id))
for sr in subreddit_to_id:
    subreddits[subreddit_to_id[sr]] = sr
subreddits = np.array(subreddits)
(15122, 876961)

CPU times: user 9.77 s, sys: 288 ms, total: 10.1 s
Wall time: 10.1 s

Unwieldy data

Our adjacency matrix is a bit problematic to deal with as-is:

  • It's a very wide: 850,000 columns
  • It's very sparse: only about 0.06% full
  • It's a binary matrix: only 0's and 1's

Dimensionality reduction

  • Family of algorithms for solving this problem
  • AKA decomposition, compression, feature extraction
    • it's to big matrices what JPEG is to photos, MP3 to music, MPEG for video etc
  • The output will be as wide as we ask for
    • The wider it is the less lossy the compression will be
  • The output matrix will be dense
  • The output matrix will have continuous real values
  • scikit-learn has a decomposition package

We'll use TruncatedSVD

  • TruncatedSVD from scikit-learn
  • SVD stands for Singular Vector Decomposition, Truncated because we only want part of the computation
  • Good mathy description of how it works in Chapter 11 of online book Mining of Massive Datasets
  • Right now let's focus on how to use it and exploring the output
In [180]:
from sklearn.decomposition import TruncatedSVD 
from sklearn.preprocessing import normalize 

svd = TruncatedSVD(n_components=100)
embedded_coords = normalize(svd.fit_transform(adj), norm='l1')
print embedded_coords.shape
(15122, 100)
CPU times: user 1min 8s, sys: 4.94 s, total: 1min 13s
Wall time: 1min 14s

The output is kind of neat:

  • Each row is like a set of coordinates in a 100-dimensional space for a subreddit
  • Each column defines one axis of this 100-dimensional space, ordered by how much information they capture
  • We can look at how much of the original matrix we captured with the first N dimensions
  • The first 2 capture around 25%
  • The 100 we will use capture around 60%
In [181]:
%matplotlib inline
pd.DataFrame(np.cumsum(svd.explained_variance_ratio_)).plot(figsize=(13, 8))
<matplotlib.axes._subplots.AxesSubplot at 0x7f4fdd633a50>
In [190]:
# this function will show you the axes on which a particular subreddit scores the highest/lowest
def pickOutSubreddit(sr):
    sorted_axes = embedded_coords[list(subreddits).index(sr)].argsort()[::-1]
    return pd.DataFrame(subreddits[np.argsort(embedded_coords[:,sorted_axes], axis=0)[::-1]], columns=sorted_axes)

44 46 45 40 0 42 26 27 47 21 ... 62 52 43 54 69 61 50 49 22 25
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15122 rows × 100 columns

A few interesting dimensions

  • I went through each column and picked out some interesting dimensions
In [191]:
pd.DataFrame(subreddits[np.argsort(embedded_coords[:,[0, 1, 44,51,84,50,47,40]], axis=0)[::-1]], 
            "0: big - small", 
            "1: big - small",
            "44: soccer - guns",
            "51: programming - food",
            "84: music - bikes", 
            "50: osx - books",
            "47: wow - starcraft", 
            "40: male grooming - life hacks"

# not shown but also amusing:
# 14: music - pot
# 24: science - porn
0: big - small 1: big - small 44: soccer - guns 51: programming - food 84: music - bikes 50: osx - books 47: wow - starcraft 40: male grooming - life hacks
0 AskReddit todayilearned bevandele threads BibleBelievers osx ShitLiamDoes malefashionadvice
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15122 rows × 8 columns

Visualizing these dimensions

  • Bokeh makes it easy to get hover-tooltips!
  • Each dot in our plot will be a subreddit (mouse over to see which one) scaled by size
  • We'll only look at the top 3,500 or so subreddits, for speed
In [185]:
import bokeh.plotting as bp
from bokeh.objects import HoverTool 
row_selector = np.where(users_per_subreddit>100)